Bro. Wiginton in Japan

What an awesome time we have had with Brother Wiginton. His prophetic healing ministry has been such a blessing to Iida, Miyako, Nago and Uruma City. Several were healed of many issues. Some received the Holy Ghost and many many more were restored and prayed back through. Just yesterday a Japanese man was baptized in Jesus name. God greatly used him to encourage our faith and help us to forgive and be unified. Many received personal prophetic directions for their lives and had personal break-throughs. His ministry has greatly blessed our church and preaching points and I believe will this will greatly impact the county of Japan. Already looking forward to the next time he can be with us. Thank you Brother Wiginton for your friendship and for your sensitivity to the voice of God. Thank you for not just preaching to us, but truly ministering to us with love.


Prayer Request

Prayers requested: On our way from Tokyo to a small city (Iida city). Expecting to baptize someone tonight in Jesus name. A small group is gathering for bible studies. Pray they all receive the Holy Ghost. Traveling with John Butler, Cole Panton, Shawn Ward and Travis Anthony Craig.

Hosmer Family

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While on active duty with the U.S. Air Force in Japan, Ed Hosmer and his wife Naomi were under Paul Dennis’s ministry. Due to an overwhelming burden to reach the Japanese people with the gospel and a specific calling on their lives to evangelize Japan, Hosmer sacrificed a promising law enforcement career and separated from the military. They pursued their calling by serving as AIMers for eight years and currently pastor one of the fastest growing UPC churches in Japan. They received their appointment as UPCI missionaries to Japan in 2002. They have created a bilingual discipleship program which is very effective in training saints and national leaders and ministers. Having lived in Japan for over 27 years (Ed) and being a Japanese national with a command of the language (Naomi), the Hosmers are valuable assets to the kingdom of God in reaching the Japanese people with Bible salvation.

Prayers Requested

We have taken a team to Ishigaki island.  We are praying and seeking God’s perfect will for this island. We are considering starting a work here.  Potentially open another English school and preaching point.  We are seeking for the man, place and timing.  Hungry souls all over Japan.  Most important is to be in His perfect will.  Day 1 and we have done a prayer drive around this whole island.  Tomorrow we will focus on the city and pray in it.  Thank you for praying.

Got to give God Praise for an awesome weekend

What an amazing God we serve.  This weekend has been just incredible.  First I was blessed to minister this weekend in our bible school at the Uruma Campus.  Thank you Sis. Shimoji, Sis. Ward, Sis. Hosmer and Sis. Tamiko for doing a great job in translating.  Saturday one of our little girls was baptized in Jesus name!  Today a woman was filled with the Holy Ghost at the Sound of Praise Church in Uruma City!  The presence of the Lord was so rich all weekend long.  Cant wait for this next week!

Awesome worship

I am so thankful to be a part of this gospel concert tonight.  Our worship team from Sound of Praise church joined with Okinawa Community Choir from Greater Friendly church  at Mihama Church near American village  The presence of the Lord fell as our worship team began to sing how Holy is our God.   What a difference it makes when the worship team is anointed of God. What a powerful witness.


Giving thanks to our Aimers

I have to give thanks to God and to these Aimers Jamie Davis, Ben Huffman assisting Associate Missionary Travis Craig and Kosono Hiroshi.  They were helping to teach English at the Apostolic Training Center in Miyako Jima.  The number of students are rising and they are making a powerful impact in the community.

Awesome Praise Report in Miyako

So thankful to have the privilege of launching a new Purpose Institute campus on Miyako island Japan.  Today during the sessions a ne friend of Travis Craig (Associate Missionary) came to the training center.    This Japanese man was not enrolled in the campus but wanted to stay and listen to the teaching.  After the Bible school was finished  he and his wife stayed for more Bible studies.  We just took them to the ocean and both were baptized and filled with the Holy Ghost .   What an awesome way to launch a Bible school. 

We just got the Call! #I Am Global

I just got the phone call.  Bro. Howell surprised me with a phone call.  Enough funds have came in to send us back to Japan!  Thank you Global Missions!  Thank you Partners in Missions!  Thank you everyone who is giving toward “I AM GlOBAL”.  This sacrificial giving has just shaved off  5 to 6 months of deputation travels!

Awesome day today

Great services today in South Texas. This morning was a lot of fun in Santa Fe. One for sure was filled with the Holy Ghost.  This afternoon it was so good to be with our old friend Hiro Nishi in Houston.  God moved in a special way in this service.  I believe the Lord filled a Japanese man with the Holy Ghost.  Pray for us as we need to get motorhome generator repaired in the morning.

Japanese Man baptized in Jesus Name

So excited that Atsushi Chinen was baptized today in the wonderful name of Jesus! He hadn’t been to church, but felt led to read the New Testament twice, and was desperate to get baptized. He met Bro. Ryan, who told him about Sound of Praise, and that he could be baptized right away. The joy we all felt as he was baptized was so beautiful! Jesus is working in Japan!!

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Revival in Eau Claire Wisconsin

Today in Eau Claire Wisconsin many  were filled or renewed in the Holy Ghost today. One was baptized in Jesus name. It was great being with brother and sister Trapani.   This church is picking up us as partners in missions. Praise the Lord at least 25 visitors were in church today.


Passing on the Mantle (Pastor Higa)

Today was an extremely important day for the Sound of Praise Church. We passed the mantle of Pastor for the Sound Of Praise Church unto Pastor Higa. I am so proud to have been able to have him as our Asst. Pastor for many years. He is a great pastor and will do awesome things for the Lord! Sis. Hosmer and I will continue in a Bishop/Pastor relationship with Bro. and Sis. Higa. Our function in this church now is to simply oversee the ministers and ministers in training, Preaching Points and Daughter Church development and training up future AIM workers and Associate Missionaries.





Miyako man baptized in Jesus Name!

What an honor and joy it was to baptize this Japanese Man (Hirobo) in Jesus name today.  He used to be a part of the Yakuza (Japanese Mafia)  This man has become a close friend with Bro. James and Travis on Miyako.  He has taught them the art of night mori fishing.  Pray he receives the Holy Ghost soon!

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Aimer Alana Doss arrived today

Praise the Lord!  Sis. Alana Doss has just arrived to Okinawa.  We welcome her to the team here in Japan.  God is going to greatly use her these next two months.  She will be involved in teaching us puppet ministry and working a lot with our Sunday School program.  We will be doing a lot of outreach and discipleship training.  Thank you for your sacrifices for the kingdom of God.

2016-05-10 10.06.12